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Bank Reconciliation Automation

Exceptional matching capabilities

Expect your ERP and bank accounts to reconcile themselves

Whatever your ERP you can now easily, quickly and affordably move your Bank Reconciliation to a higher level of automation. The world’s most intelligent ERP and Bank integration platform has them talking like never before. Now there is a better way!

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Expect your ERP and bank accounts
to reconcile themselves.

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About the Bank Reconciliation Software Module

The Cashbook Bank Reconciliation software module allows for reconciliation between your ERP system and your bank account. It enables companies to reconcile bank account transactions from their general ledger control account with ERP data that has hit their bank account. All relevant banking data is reconciled through one central reliable tool. Quick, easy, affordable.

  • Data from your general ledger files is compared directly to your bank statements and auto-matching takes place.
  • The reconciliation software module has a powerful matching engine which is based upon rules defined by your finance department.
  • Allows users to automate the process of reconciling transactions.
Features of Automated Reconciliation Software

A Global Solution

Multi-bank, multi-ERP, multi-site, multi-currency

Cashbook’s automated reconciliation software provides a multi-currency, multi-site solution that can be deployed across multiple environments and ERP systems. Such integration brings huge efficiencies and massive cost savings as your company can now employ a single payments platform across multiple sites and banks.

Intelligence & Automation

An unprecedented level of flexibility, intelligence and automation

Our reconciliation software auto-reconciles General Ledger and Bank Statement items. Its statement-only functionality allows automatic generation of journals in Cashbook for bank charges, interest, etc. Unpresented cheques and unpresented lodgements enable unreconciled items to be rolled-over at period end into future reconciliations. Unreconciled items and amounts are totalled and displayed through the software.

Financial Control

Full, real time visibility and a complete audit trail

Bank Reconciliation can be performed on a daily, weekly, monthly or other periodic term. Our reconciliation software contains ‘search’ and ‘sort’ functionality to reconcile data from the bank or the cash sides of the reconciliation. Matched transactions can be reviewed and reversed should incorrect references be chosen. Tolerances and write-offs are available. Over 8 different reports exist for audit purposes. Audit trails of date and time and journal actions are also displayed via the bank reconciliation software module.

TGI Fridays

75% auto match rates on bank accounts


Whatever your ERP we’ll fire up its Cash Management engine.
Enjoy an incredible level of automation, functionality and control.

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