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The Financial services industry is broad and multifaceted, it includes banks, credit unions, insurance companies, accountancy firms, consumer finance, stock brokers, and private investment companies to name but a few. A lot of these institutions have to deal with thousands upon thousands of: customers, accounts, transactions, payment files, passwords, usernames.

There is also the important areas of security, audits and fraud. A lot of these institutions are still using outdated manual methods for completion of tasks, such as Excel spreadsheets or in-house solutions that are not ideal.

Eliminate repetitive and manual processes

In the finance departments of these institutions, a lot of repetitive and boring manual tasks are being completed every day, week and month by staff. Due to their nature, these tasks usually lead to mistakes caused by human error, which result in low staff morale and in some cases high staff turnover. All of this affects the company where it matters most, the bottom line. Staff are never going to be happy at a company where 20% of their work consists of repetitive and frustrating manual processes that are unnecessary.

Financial institutions are very highly regulated and audits occur frequently, it is much easier for these institutions to show how everything is stored and processed in Cashbook, and the fact it is also fully secure from hackers and fraudulent activities. Also, the need to find all of the paper-based records for the auditors is massively reduced. Automation should not be intimidating for financial services companies, as the opportunities for greater efficiency and regulatory compliance are vast.

Reduce workload and monitor cashflows

Financial Automation software such as Cashbook, massively reduce the workload for staff, it can monitor cashflows and ensure that payments are made on time. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can scan files and capture alphanumeric data to be used for auto-reconciling and auto-matching, thus reducing manual entry and the need for paper-based records. Direct debits, drafts, checks, lockboxes, customer remittances, bank statements can now all be automated. Portal automation will help your customers to easily and securely access sensitive information that you share with them, Cashbook can store passwords and profiles securely.

Cutting edge technology to automate financial processes

The new developments in Cash Application Automation have seen Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) push the boundaries of what can be achieved today. Cashbook use RPA, ML and AI in our software to automate and process key Cash Application procedures for our customers. This allows for labour-intensive, repetitive and complex procedures to be automated to exceptionally high levels. These advances help to maintain stronger cashflows and allow prediction of when your customers are going to pay.

Cashbook work closely with a number of Financial services providers, we are experienced in all of the problems that are facing you on a daily basis. Cashbook has been integrated with multiple ERP systems and banks, it also has multi-lingual and multi-currency capability. It is our vast experience and cutting edge technology that sets us apart from the competition. Get in touch with us today, and request a free product demo or discovery call to see how we can transform your Financial Services operations.

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