Customer Remittances

Automate up to 90% of Customer Remittances

Massively reduce manual work
Auto-load and auto-match all customer remittance files

Features of Customer Remittance Software Module

Seamless Integration

EDI, Email, Excel, PDF and AP Portal Integration

This module features a flexible EDI upload program which supports all EDI files. An Excel template upload feature and now an OCR solution to scan your clients’ PDF documentation. We have recently developed the ability to download data directly from AP Portals saving password and profiles within our application. We also have Hot-Folders for the auto-uploading customer remittance data so manual work is massively reduced.

Advanced Intelligence

The smarts to streamline your remittance work

Apply customer remittances across companies and customers. Create specific algorithms by customer. Create specific deduction rules by customer. Store images of remittances.

Greater Control

More visibility and traceability

Storing all customer remittances in one location gives users a single location for all payment remittance information. This module can auto-link this location to payment information providing complete visibility and traceability on cash application decisions. When payment amounts differ from remittance advices the differences are easily traceable.

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