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News and Views from the Cashbook team

Cashbook: 10 Fastest Growing Retail Solution Provider Companies

Cashbook has been recognized as one of the 10 Fastest Growing Retail Solution Provider Companies by InsightsSuccess. Greg Coulter, CEO, shared his views on the retail market and how Cashbook are using automation to introduce huge efficiencies and savings to Cashbooks retail clients by bringing together their banks and ERPs. The full article can be found here.  

Minister of Finance congratulates Cashbook on Insurance and Banking success

The Minister of Finance for Ireland, Michael Noonan, congratulated Greg Coulter and members of the Cashbook team on our recent expansion into the high-volume Insurance and Banking market. Cashbook have signed to provide our cash management and automation solution to one of Belgium’s largest insurance companies, certainly the largest insurance provider to Belgium’s public sector. Minister Noonan was apprised of Cashbooks position as an innovative fintech company with a global client base and an expanding geographic footprint. With Belgium definitely on everyone’s travel schedule, we’re hoping to bump into Minister […]

One Year In Chicago: US Operations Set to Grow

After a whirlwind first year of heading our US operations from Chicago, Mary O’Brien wants to grow the team in support, services and sales. “We’ve been in the USA since 1999 and our North American operations represent close to 50% of our business.   Cashbook’s software has evolved to fit the US marketplace, taking into account Lockbox’s, Lockbox Images, Decoupled Remittances, ACH’s, ACHCTX, Positive Payment files and check printing.  Having Mary heading operations from Chicago for the last year has really helped us coordinate projects and gives customers the support […]

Let’s go Eagles!

Our favourite basketball team has had a tough season but they remain undaunted. Still chasing an elusive “big win”, the UL Eagles came close on March 4th against UCD Marian where the Eagles led for most of the game. UCD found some extra energy reserves at the end to edge ahead with the final score at UCD Marian 87 – 77 UL Eagles. Top scorers for the UL Eagles were: Eoin Quigley 25, Patrick McCarthy 22, Seamus Hickey 12. With the last home game coming up this Saturday March 11th, […]

Answering the Challenge of Decoupled Payments

Any company managing payments and especially electronic remittances in the world today is likely dealing with the dilemma of decoupled payments. This is when a payment provider conducts two transactions to facilitate payment between payer and payee, versus enabling one direct payment between the two parties. While the format of decoupled payments has been widely adopted for its beneficial attributes, it can create a great deal of difficulty for accounts receivable departments and companies depending on accurate cash figures. What is the “decoupled payments” model? Most major payment providers, including […]

Can Global Manufacturers Achieve Automated Cash Application?

The continuing trend of globalisation affects many important aspects of global manufacturing, from supply chain operations and distribution logistics to workforce development and even cash application. Multinational organisations often must balance multiple bank accounts in different countries and manage demanding banking needs that result in high fees, added overhead costs and increased difficulty handling invoices. The choice to implement automated cash application software, however, can not only alleviate these issues but improve financial control and even customer service.   Global manufacturer Formica overcomes slow cash application processing The Formica Group, […]

Cashbook Software at the 2017 European Financial Forum

Greg Coulter, CEO of Cashbook Software attended the second European Financial Forum held at Dublin Castle on 24 Jan, 2017. The Forum brought together international and Irish industry leaders, policy makers, regulators and subject matter experts to explore the various forces including political, social, economic and technological that are shaping our global financial services industry. This year’s European Financial Forum had added significance following the UK referendum on EU membership and of course the newly elected administration in the United States. The Forum considered a broad agenda through a combination […]

Internal Development is High Risk Development

There is a perception sometimes that doing internal software development will lead to a quicker, cheaper, focused outcome. Nothing could be further from the truth. Internal developments often lead to massive over-spends, poor user outcomes and opportunities foregone. To help decision makers avoid costly mistakes in this area, we’ve put together a table of items to consider and questions to ask yourself before you decide to take the plunge on coding a new mini-ERP for cash automation. Cashbook Internal development Product Functionality 25 years’ experience developing cash management solutions. Cashbook are […]

Greg Coulter: Building a Customer centric Company

Greg Coulter, CEO of Cashbook, offers his insights on his evolving leadership role in growing a company while developing both professionally and as a person. Some key themes touched upon are setting responsibilities and priorities, organic growth, planning, learning from the customer, adapting to a changing role and steering towards the future. The full article can be found at Insights Success.

UL Eagles looking stronger for 2017

It’s halfway through the season and the UL Eagles are emerging from a period of transformation and rebuilding. The first half of the season has been one of continual reinvention for the team and also, unfortunately, some setbacks and frustrating results. The Eagles have only one win on the board so far in the season, which is a poor reflection of the quality of the performances on the court as well as the effort and dedication of the coach and players. The season started brightly in September with an extremely […]

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