September 9th, 2016

10 Fastest Growing Financial Solution Providers

Insights Success, one of the United States leading technology and business platform’s has recognized Cashbook in their recent “The 10 Fastest Growing Financial Solution Provider Companies” edition. Cashbook are delighted to be featured alongside other distinguished and growing companies, with the final 10 providers being chosen based on their performance, their innovative solutions, and their contribution to the changing scenario of the financial market.


“We’ve been developing, expanding and refining our algorithms for 25 years. That’s a sophisticated and immensely reliable resource for any company. Clients’ accounting talent and experience can never simply walk out the door with our automation and workflow capability. Customers vote with their feet and ours have never left us.

Additionally, over these 25 years Cashbook have accumulated a library of customer remittance and bank formats. Whether their customers use EDI or CSV, their banks use MT940 or BAI2, Cashbook customers can be confident that their investment is secure because it’s so adaptable.” Greg Coulter, Managing Director, Cashbook.

The piece itself looks at the Cashbook journey, how Cashbook continues to innovate and lead the way in cash management automation, and features more insights from Greg Coulter. Read the full article here.

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