Check Printing

The Cashbook Solution for Check Printing

This module allows you to perform check printing, including remittance information related to all related invoice details, to multiple vendors directly from your ERP system. Check’s can be created for domestic payments or payments in multiple business units spread across different countries.

Vendors are set up within the ERP system with a specific payment method e.g. E= electronic C =Check. Cashbook takes this vendor information and uses it to process a check file with the required MICR number printing, while at the same time writing check numbers to Cashbook’s check register and updating the necessary AP subledger files.

Cashbook selects payments from your ERP’s AP invoice file. Sub-selections can be made based on: business units, currency, vendor number, invoice date and down to individual invoices. Cashbook then creates a Transmission file which can be sent directly to a printer or to a third party software provider.

Cashbook can format our check printing programs to any MICR-enabled printers.


  • Works with any MICR enabled printer.
  • Standard payment process for checks that is the same as ACH or Wires.
  • Complete audit trail of check printing date and user profile.
  • Integrated with Cashbook Bank Reconciliation Module & Automatic Email Remittance Module.
  • Multiple sites, environments or ERP systems can be catered for.
  • Check register contains Payee Name, Transmission Date, User Profile and Check Number.
  • Possible to void checks and reverse postings.


  • Vendors receive checks with either paper or email remittance details.
  • Elimination of manual effort allows companies to allocate more staff time to other higher-value activities.
  • Single supplier for electronic payments, check printing and bank reconciliation ensures complete business process for payments is covered.
  • Consolidated payment process enables checks and ACH’s to be transmitted to suit vendors payment requirements.

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