Bank Portal Automation

As we know in the last few years online bank portals have been evolving with increasing functionality. These bank portals allow their customers to access bank accounts remotely, to see both live and historical data, and to make new transactions and transfers. Previously for companies, banks would send out the transaction files in the various banking formats (e.g. EDI, MT940, Excel) to a specific location of the corporate customers choosing. However, many banks now are placing these transaction files in a bank portal. This now require the banks customers to retrieve this financial data on their own. This retrieval mission requires companies to log-in, locate the specific bank transaction files, and download them to complete their daily Cash Application processes. The retrieval of these files from the portal has created another step in the process for financial departments to do their jobs. It can also be a very time-consuming and tedious process, depending on how many banks, bank accounts, and transaction volumes that a company may have. Multiple bank portals equals extra hours wasted on them. Bank Portal Automation is the answer.

Our Solution

Cashbook has created a new bank portal automation tool for our clients. Clients can customize the retrieval process to take place overnight. The tool downloads the data to Cashbook before your staff arrives at work. Cashbook’s bank portal automation tool stores the unique passwords and automatically logs in to each individual bank portal. The tool goes through the necessary steps to locate the bank transaction files for each bank account. It downloads this information and imports it directly into Cashbook, where journals are automatically created. When staff start work, they will process the file, post the cash, and subsequently update the General Ledger (GL).

This complete automation of bank portals will help to save numerous hours that are currently wasted on a manual process every day. It will also save the finance department from completing unnecessary work. The automation of boring processes will help improve staff morale and reduce staff turnover. Another big advantage here is the increased security, a portal may have hundreds of people logging in to retrieve sensitive financial information, so security is a big deal for companies. This is especially so, if an organization such as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company has to control all user names and passwords securely. Cashbook provides an extra layer of security here, as users will not need to remember or store information that is unsecured any longer.

Features of Portal Automation

Additional Time Savings

Reduce wasted manual hours

With Cashbook’s automation of the bank portal process, the manual hours that were previously wasted logging into each individual bank portal to retrieve the transaction files are now saved. These hours can now be re-allocated to more important processes within your company. Our multi-bank portal automation leads to additional time savings.

Increased Automation

Eliminate repetitive work

Through the automation of bank portals, Cashbook have automated another key step in the process of achieving high levels of Cash Application Automation for our customers. Cashbooks machine learning software helps eliminate the repetitive and boring work for our customers.

Increased Security

No need for paper-based records

The Cashbook bank portal automation tool stores all user names and passwords used to log-in to the bank portals. Our users do not need to store any paper-based records containing sensitive information. They will also never forget any bank portal log-in details, as they will no longer have to remember them.

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