Bank Reconciliation Technical Information


Cashbook’s Reconciliation Software module can be used for a multitude of purposes. Any two data sets can be reconciled by Cashbook, which facilitates improvements in a number of different business processes. Examples include:

Inter-Company Reconciliations

  • We can auto-reconcile ledger transactions from multiple companies.

AR Subledger or AP Subledger to General Ledger Reconciliations

  • We can take your AR Subledger and compare the transactions to your AR Control Account to ensure all subledger transactions have gone to your general ledger.

Deduction Reconciliations (Debit Notes to Credit Notes)

  • Deductions on your AR subledger can be auto-matched against credits you have raised.  For companies with high volumes of deductions this is a massive time saving capability. Credits can be automatically created from the deductions in the AR Subledger. Auto-Write-offs can be created.
  • With our automated reconciliation software, deductions can be segregated by date, deduction code or reason code or user.

Customer/Vendor Netting

  • The AR Subledger can be compared against the AP subledger for specific customers or vendors.  With all the relevant information in one place, Netting can take place, ensuring that payments are made only after taking into account money owed.
  • Net to offset invoices between customer and supplier.
  • Net to transfer customer invoices to a supplier account.
  • Net to transfer supplier invoices to a customer account.
  • Net to create a single transaction for the balancing amount.
  • Cashbook’s automated reconciliation software includes functionality to handle credit/debit notes and unallocated payments.

Payment In-Transit Reconciliations

  • Reconcile any general ledger account auto-matching debits with credits. This is especially helpful when payment in transit ledger accounts are used.

Retail Reconciliations

  • In retail operations there is a daily job of reconciling cash received at stores or shops with cash sales booked. With credit cards often being over 50% of sales volumes there is added complexity. Cashbook can import credit card statements and auto-code credit card fees which ensures straight through processing of these files.
  • Cashbook’s bank reconciliation software can provide auto-write off of differences to specific store based ledger accounts.


  • Flexible reconciliation software tool that can be used for a multitude of purposes.
  • Full two way integration with your ERP system.
  • Configurable filters such as: Exports to Excel, Reports and Visibility.
  • Flexible data configuration.


  • Auto-process deductions much faster.
  • Ensure inter-company payments are made to only the “Net” intercompany balance.
  • An excellent reconciliation software tool to deal with customers who are also vendors.
  • A reconciliation software tool which can be used for invoices between subsidiaries.
  • Enables easy repayment of customers who have over-paid invoices.
  • Better financial control of your AR subledger and AP subledger.

Whatever your ERP we’ll fire up its Cash Management engine.
Enjoy an incredible level of automation, functionality and control.

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