Solutions for Banks

BankConnect facilitates the auto processing of bank statements by providing a gateway to read/upload and download ERP data from within bank’s software. BankConnect can be configured to work with any ERP thereby enabling you to offer internet services to your customers with minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure.

Cashbook have 20 years’ experience working with Banks & Fortune 1,000 companies globally. We’re an established BACS approved software vendor in the UK. We have over 200 banking formats developed to date. We serve a substantial North American, European & Asian corporate client portfolio.

  • Works with all ERPs
  • Especially valuable for clients operating shared service centres
  • Excellent tool to assist corporate treasury management function
  • Improves client retention
  • Increases revenue
  • White label solution, position and design to fit your needs

Client Stickiness

Once customers get their ERP’s talking to their banks, they will never change banks. The automation of ERP and banking data is too complicated to ever risk changing.  With Cashbook, banks will have a new weapon to grow business and fight off competitive attacks.

More Bank Services

Having ERP data linked to banking data will give banks more visibility into their customers’ receipts and payments. Using Cashbook’s BankConnect will help Banks to see opportunities for factoring and short term loans while recognizing potential liquidity and risk issues.

Treasurers want Open Platforms

Traditionally, banks design new systems around their own existing systems which misses a big opportunity. By using an open platform like Cashbook your clients will see all banking information flowing into our platform. That is a positive as by ensuring Treasurers are using your platform, your bank will be centre stage.

Grow the Countries

Most banks own only a fraction of the business of their customers. With our banking platform all business processes are covered, from factoring and direct debits to bank statement processing ensuring when new operations are started in different countries, your BankConnect platform is centre stage.

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