August 9th, 2019

Cashbook experiences huge 35% growth in the first half of 2019

Cashbook who are headquartered in Limerick, Ireland provide cash automation software solutions to clients all over the world. We also have offices in both Amsterdam and Chicago, and have customers from San Francisco to Shanghai and everywhere in between. Cashbook software helps organisations to achieve spectacular levels of automation in accounts receivable, accounts payable and bank reconciliation functions. Cashbook uses a unique blend of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation to automate complex financial procedures. The first half of 2019 saw Cashbook record a huge 35% growth in sales compared to last year.

CEO of Cashbook, Greg Coulter said “It has been an outstanding six months for us in 2019, the 35% growth is a testament to the quality and flexibility of our software products. It is also credited to the dedication, determination and hard work of the whole team at Cashbook. It sure is an exciting time for the company”.

Senator Kieran O’Donnell with Greg Coulter, CEO, outside Cashbook HQ in Limerick.

Senator Kieran O’Donnell visited the Cashbook offices last week to discuss the significant growth that Cashbook have experienced in 2019. This growth was achieved by multiple sales from the Irish, UK, United States and Canadian markets. 2019 is well on course to be a record year for the Limerick based company. The Senator met with Greg Coulter, and the Cashbook team at their offices in the National Technology Park. As a qualified Chartered Accountant, Senator O’Donnell immediately recognised and understood the value that Cashbook brings to its global customer base.

Senator O’Donnell commented: “It was great to meet the team at Cashbook. They are representing Limerick and Ireland on a global stage. Their software is hugely innovative and beneficial, it is being used by multi-national companies worldwide to streamline their financial processes”.

Cashbook staff with Senator Kieran O’Donnell and the Lisnagry U10 Community Games All Ireland Champions.

The automation levels that Cashbook bring to the table, allows clients to receive their cash quicker, reconcile their accounts faster, and maintain steady cashflows throughout the financial year. This allows companies to re-allocate their financial staff to other important areas of the department such as collections.

Greg Coulter received Senator O’Donnell at Cashbook HQ. “I was delighted to welcome Senator O’Donnell to Cashbook and give him a tour of our offices. As a fellow chartered accountant, I think he was very impressed by our financial software. We are rapidly growing at the moment and will be looking to hire more new staff in Limerick by 2020. I thank Senator O’Donnell for coming to visit us”.

Cashbook software is being used in 25 countries, and has been integrated with multiple ERP systems and banks over the last number of years, and it also has multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities. Senator O’Donnell concluded, “It is fantastic to see a Limerick fintech company experiencing such significant international growth. I wish Greg and the Cashbook team every success in the future, and I have no doubt that they will continue to achieve great results for both Limerick and Ireland”.

Along with the three main products Cashbook offer in AR, AP and Bank Rec. Cashbook also provides very useful tools for deductions, lockbox and portal automation. Our cash automation technology processes more than 150 million transactions each year, processing €60 billion-plus worldwide.

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