August 11th, 2022

Cashbook holding mini-conference at inPOWER 2022

Cashbook is happy to announce we are holding a mini-conference at inPOWER 2022 in Wisconsin for all our users. inPOWER 2022 is an event for Infor XA, LX, and S21 ERP users. We are a Gold Sponsor of inPOWER 2022 and will be speaking at the event. Full details are below on inPOWER and the Cashbook conference. 

Details on inPOWER 2022

inPOWER 2022 returns after a three-year hiatus and is being held from September 19th to 22nd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It starts on Mon 19th for EIUG (Enterprise Integrator) users, on Tues 20th and Wed 21st the inPOWER conference kicks off for Infor XA, LX, and S21 users all running on the IBM Power platform running IBM i. Finally, Thurs 22nd is when the Cashbook mini-conference is being held, further details on this later.

The whole event is being hosted at The Ingleside Hotel in Pewaukee, WI, a western suburb of Milwaukee. If you are thinking about flights, MKE is best, about 30 minutes from The Ingleside. Chicago O’Hare will offer more flight options, about 90 minutes from The Ingleside. Madison, WI is another option (MSN), about an hour from The Ingleside. Cashbook is looking forward to seeing all Infor users at this great event.

Details on Cashbook mini-conference

Cashbook is hosting a mini-conference for our users at the inPOWER 2022 conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our mini-conference is being held on the final day of inPOWER 2022, which is Thurs 22nd Sept from 8 am-12, with lunch included after the conference concludes. We will also be hosting a networking dinner with refreshments on the evening of Wed 21st for our mini-conference attendees. Join the Cashbook team and fellow users as we host our mini-event in Wisconsin.

Our mini-conference will give all of our valued customers an opportunity to discover exciting new product updates. You can share your thoughts on product improvements and developments. This is a great opportunity to network with other Cashbook users and meet the Cashbook team. Details below if you wish to attend.

Are you attending our mini-conference?

If you are already attending the inPOWER 2022 conference then you just need to extend your hotel and flight itinerary by one night to join our networking event and mini-conference. If you are not attending inPOWER 2022 then you would need to fly in on Wed 21st for one night to attend our networking event and mini-conference. Flight options are mentioned above earlier in this article.

There is no cost to attend our mini-conference, all customers will have received an email with further details on inPOWER 2022, our mini-conference, how to register, and discounted hotel deals. We hope to see a lot of Cashbook users in Wisconsin! If you have any questions about this event, please email Michael Twomey.

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