March 19th, 2019

Cashbook – Upcoming Webinars

Cashbook have 4 upcoming webinars in March, April and May 2019. These webinars are all 25 minutes in length and will highlight our Cash Application automation software modules. The first webinar will be on how Cashbook integrate our Cash Application automation software with Infor XA. The second will focus on Cash Application automation with email remittances. The third webinar will focus specifically on Bank Reconciliation automation. The final webinar will be industry specific – and will be on Bank Reconciliation automation for Healthcare.

Cashbook integrates seamlessly with over 15 different ERP systems, and is a multi-industry, multi-currency and multi-bank software automation tool. You can sign up for these individual webinars below. If you cannot make any of these webinars, you can still sign-up and the webinar recording will be emailed directly to you afterwards.

Register now to see the huge benefits of automating your existing manual financial processes.

  1. Thursday 21st March at 11.30am EDT – “Cashbook and XA – Cash Application Automation” – Sign up here
  2. Thursday 11th April at 11.30am EDT – “Cash Application Automation with emails” – Sign up here
  3. Thurs 18th April at 11.30am EDT – “Bank Reconciliation Automation” – Sign up here
  4. Thurs 2nd May at 11.30am EDT – “Bank Reconciliation in Healthcare” – Sign up here
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