November 9th, 2017

Cashbook v5.7 – New Features Revealed

At Cashbook there have been some huge developments in 2017. These new features have been bundled together into our latest release; Cashbook v5.7. Here’s a quick summary of the new features that you can expect to find in our latest version:

  • New User Interface – it’s more of an airbrush than a re-model, it includes nicer styling, bigger fonts, and better space utilization.
  • Notes Capability – now everywhere in the product with email capabilities.
  • Aging – of Vendors and Customers.
  • Ability to Add Attachments – now everywhere in the product.
  • OCR Capabilities – in Remittances and Core Bank Lockbox functions.
  • Data Extraction – of PDF, CSV & Excel remittances.
  • Portal Integration – with Customer, Email & Bank Portals.
  • Linking – of customer emails to customer accounts.
  • Multi-ERP capabilities – so that cash can be split across different systems.
  • Saving of all bank details – unlimited reference information in bank imports.
  • Volume Enhancements – for clients who like to process 10,000+ records in one day.
  • Automation Enhancements – for clients who want Cashbook to operate as a “Straight-through-processing” solution (STP).
  • Improved Algorithms – for auto-bundling of deductions, write-offs and payments on accounts.
  • Improved Statistics – to learn from our auto-matching on invoices, deductions and write-offs.
  • Categories & Codes – added to Reconciliation for better reporting.
  • New Views – on the Deductions, Accounts, GL Splits, Receipts & Payments tabs.
  • New PDF Deduction Reports – with images of checks, remittances and key data.

This is an exciting time for Cashbook, we are really putting a lot of effort into making our Cash Application Automation software even better for our customers. We are always talking to our customers, they provide great feedback on what features they would like to see developed in the future. Those discussions led to some of the new features in v5.7 getting developed. I hope that all our customers get to enjoy Cashbook’s best release yet in 2018!

Mary O’Brien, Founder & Product Director, Cashbook.

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