November 24th, 2015

Cashbook’s achievements recognised by BDO

In June 2014, Cashbook’s achievements were acknowledged by BDO (our Audit partners for the last 20 years).

Below are some of the comments:

Ken Kilmarten, Audit and Assurance Partner, BDO Ireland, “Cashbook’s growth to date has been
remarkable. However what is even more remarkable is the fact that the company has achieved
this growth without any external debt or financing. All the financing has been achieved through
support from the shareholders (Company Directors), steady growth and profitability, and positive
cash flows.”

Diarmuid Hendrik, Advisory Partner, BDO Ireland, “Cashbook has a proven 20 year track record
in delivering global cash management automation solutions…Cashbook should consider providing it’s
software to medium sized businesses via the cloud.”

Maurice Carr, Recruitment Partner, BDO Ireland, “Cashbook is a technology-based business
enjoying a steep growth curve. As it is competing in a high potential and challenging global
market, it will need to maintain high levels of excellence in its human resources policies.”

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