February 10th, 2023

Cashbook’s latest new Interface

Our technical and design teams have been working on a complete, ground up redesign of the User Experience and User Interface for Cashbook for nearly a year. We’re delighted to announce that the new interface is now available with the latest release of the V6 platform.

We have taken familiar elements of the existing interface and made the user journey through the product much more intuitive. Our target for the upgrade is to make Cashbook both easier and faster to navigate for daily Users, and more intuitive for occasional Users.

Existing Cashbook users will find that their daily actions require fewer mouse clicks. We are expecting that familiarization for existing Users and training for new Users will be faster than before.

We would love to show you this update and get your feedback, please contact David Rushe david.rushe@cashbook.com or Haroon Panezai haroon.panezai@cashbook.com to arrange a slot.”

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