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Cashbook extends reach in Sub-Saharan Africa with Penny Buthelezi

Cashbook is delighted to announce an expansion into Sub-Saharan Africa with our newest partner Penny Buthelezi. Penny is a dynamic entrepreneur with great business acumen and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has pioneered new business models, strategic partnerships and promoted trade and investment growth through business development initiatives. She has a particular focus on international companies looking at expanding their global reach and investments in emerging markets. For over 15 years, Penny has played a pivotal role in strategic and business development for companies such as: Microsoft, Rand […]
Cashbook v5.X – New Features Revealed

Cashbook’s latest release is v5.X. This follows on the footsteps of last year’s v5.9, it includes an incremental group of new improvements. Here is what our users can expect to find in Cashbook v5.X. Reconciliation – With bigger and bigger customers, we have created batch inserts in reconciliation for faster processing within the action buttons, for closing of reconciliations and carry forward processes. New buttons for toggle selected/all like in cash application will help all our users.  New fields for showing carried forward items at a header level help with […]
A St Patrick’s Day like no other

St. Patrick’s Day 2020 St. Patrick’s Day 2020 will be a day to remember long into the future for the Irish people and all those around the world. This national holiday would usually see the streets, pubs and local communities abundant with people celebrating this patriotic day. However, this year there was a disheartening spirit around the country as people were advised to remain in their homes, and to self-isolate amid fears of the recent outbreak of Covid-19. These extraordinary circumstances saw local towns and cities of Ireland deserted, during […]
OCR/Data Extraction – lockbox and remittance automation

The Payments Landscape In North America, the value and volume of ACH payments have increased year on year over the last five years. In 2019, ACH volumes increased by 7.7% to 24.7 billion items, and ACH values increased by 8.9% to $55.8 trillion from the 2018 figures. The volume of business-to-business (B2B) ACH payments were up by 12% at 4 billion items. ACH is rapidly moving towards the most used form of payment in North America. Checks still continue to be the most popular form of payment for B2B transactions. […]
Covid-19: Update from Cashbook on this global problem

Due to the unexpected outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) across Europe and the rest of the world. Cashbook have taken essential measures to protect both our staff and customers from the danger of infection. At the time of writing, over 127,000 people have contracted the virus worldwide and 4,700 of those people have sadly passed away. Cashbook take the risk of Covid-19 extremely seriously, and are closely following guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland. Covid-19 is a situation that requires […]
Cashbook are Gold Sponsors of inPOWER 2020

Cashbook are delighted to once again be Gold sponsors of inPOWER 2020 in St. Louis, Missouri. inPOWER is an Infor specific user group for Infor LX, XA and System 21 users in North America. This conference will be held on 17–19th May at the St. Louis Union Station Hotel. Attendees at this 3-day event can expect to avail of numerous breakout sessions, vendor demonstrations and expert-led roundtable discussions. inPOWER is an exciting event for users to network with peers and learn about new developments over the last 12 months. 2019 […]
Martin Whelan – Rest in Peace

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague Martin Whelan. Martin was one of the Directors of Cashbook and the Chief Technical Officer for over 20 years. He is one of the main reasons why Cashbook is a successful company today. Martin was a larger than life character with a unique personality. If you ever had the pleasure of meeting Martin then you would long remember him after your encounter. A friendly, fun-loving person with an infectious laugh and such a quick […]
Bank Rec Automation – what you need to know

What is Bank Reconciliation? A bank reconciliation (bank rec) is where a company completes a comparison of the cash balances on their general ledger (GL) against their current bank statement information. Any differences in amounts need to be accounted for, and when the two sides are evenly matched the accounts are said to have been ‘reconciled’. This can be a very demanding process for companies, especially when you allow for the level of data that is required to complete a successful bank rec. Bank Reconciliation Issues There are a lot […]
Customer Portal Automation – Cashbook develop new tool

In the world of finance and accounting things are moving fast. Accounting processes, standards and ways of completing tasks are receiving updates more frequently. Especially in the current ‘innovation era’ and the increased advances in technology. New developments can have a large impact on your business. It may lead to financial staff spending more time on additional manual processes. Your company may need to hire people to complete these new tasks, or employees may leave due to the extra manual processes. Automation of manual financial processes is now a must […]
ISO 20022: Cross-border payments usage guidelines revealed

What is ISO 20022? The ISO 20022 standard has been developed to get everyone in the financial sector using a single common language, consistent terminology and formats. It facilitates electronic data transfers between financial institutions, customers, users, suppliers, infrastructures and regulation authorities. ISO 20022 will transform the cross-border payments, securities, funds, FX trading and credit card sectors. It will also help to massively reduce risk and fraud. In Payments, ISO 20022 is widely considered as the essential component to modernise the global payments infrastructure. The financial world is moving towards […]
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