June 10th, 2024

Test Table of Contents

The Cashbook Training Support Center

Welcome to the Cashbook training support page

1. Admin:

Adding a new Admin:

Creating a new user in Cashbook:

Job management:

2. Set Ups: 

Creating a company in Cashbook:

Creating General Ledger Codes:

Creating a bank and Bank Accounts:

3. Cash Application:

Value date over ride for cash journals:

Creating a journal line and changing the transaction type:

Transactions in Cash Journals:

Imported details for Cash Journals:

4. Reconciliation:

Auto reconcile and undoing reconciled items:

Manual Reconcile:

Reconciliation Features:

Creating new reconciliation headers:

Netting in recon:

Carry forward in recon:

Generating reports in Recon:

Concept behind reconcilers:

Explaining reconcilers:

Manually importing a bank statement:


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