April 4th, 2023

David and Haroon’s US road-trip!

David and Haroon from the Cashbook team have had a busy end to Q1 2023. As they began by reconnecting with customers on their US road trip after the long travel break. March was a busy month with visits to several customers in North America. Here is a quick recap of how the week went. Additionally, Haroon Panezai, Partners Director, initiated the US road trip. He celebrated the ‘Go Live’ of the Cash Application and Bank Reconciliation automation upgrade for Trinity Mexico with the Trinity Industries team in Dallas, Texas.

Trinity ‘go live’ celebrations

From Dallas the guys then followed the road to Cincinnati, Ohio. There, David Rushe met up with long standing customer Formica Corporation. The team at Formica Corporation were delighted to catch up and discuss how they are benefiting from Cashbook..

David Rushe pictured with longstanding customers Formica Corporation.

Additionally on the list was Welders Supply in Louisville, Kentucky, who have just installed a brand new plant. They generously gave Haroon and David a tour of the new facilities. Welders Supply is a client of our partner Computers Unlimited and are using TIMS, their specialist ERP for the gas distribution and welding supplies industry

Haroon & David pictured outside Welders Supply in Kentucky.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable week for the team and we are pleased to be back on the road meeting customers, partners, prospects, and familiar faces around the world. Demonstrating to everyone how the power of our cash automation software can transform finance departments globally. If you would like a visit from our dedicated team of experts over the months ahead please email David Rushe today, if you like to find out more about Cashbook. Book a Demo or Contact Us for more information.

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