July 10th, 2024

Maximize Efficiency & Streamline your Financial Processes

14 August, 9am US Central / 3pm UK

Join us on Wednesday the 14th of August at 9am US Central / 3pm UK to learn how you can maximize efficiency and streamline your financial processes. This webinar will be exploring the capabilities of our Cash App & Collections automation. It will be approximately 30 minutes with time for Q&A after. Click on the button above to sign up now!

Take the opportunity today to learn all you wish to know about Cashbook. This webinar will be highlighting our newest capabilities in Cash Application and Collections Management with our expert Business Development Director David Rushe as he will be discussing how Cashbook can benefit your business.

With Cashbook, you will discover how you can SOLVE these common everyday challenges:

  • Customers paying late and claiming deductions & unearned discount.
  • Losing sales due to incorrect credit holds.
  • Late payers creeping up because staff are swamped.
  • Staff barely having any time to make collection calls.

Enjoy new functionality and capabilities

With Cashbook’s cash management solution, your processes will become automated and streamlined. Complex cash management processes are simplified and your manual workload is reduced. Choose to maximize your teams productivity and minimize complexity.


We offer significantly enhanced algorithms to world leading ERP systems. Our automation is configurable specifically to suit your business requirements. What’s more, we measure our automation improvements giving our users rock-solid business outcomes.


Cashbook offers Excel exports, notes, email and workflow capabilities that are not in ERP packages. Our software empowers your staff with real-time visibility into cash application status, allowing AR teams and management to have a clear and up-to-date view of cash flow and outstanding receivables. You owe it to your teams to give them the best tool for bank statement processing, electronic payments and reconciliation.


Working with Cashbook means all cash both inbound and outbound is recorded in one central location. Don’t try splitting your bank account into accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger only transactions. Let Cashbook facilitate all transactions centrally. We track by day, week, month all bank account movements with user logging.

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