December 7th, 2018

Inforum and Cashbook Rising:Review

In September, Cashbook were in Washington D.C. for a very special week of events – Inforum and Cashbook Rising. Inforum, which is our flagship event of the year and Cashbook Rising, which is our user and partner conference. As part of Cashbook Rising, we also organized a very special evening with the Irish Ambassador to the USA, Mr Daniel Mulhall, at the Irish Embassy.


Starting off the week, over 7,000 people descended on the Walter E. Washington convention centre for Inforum 2018. The theme at Inforum this year was ‘Human Potential’ and there were many exciting announcements by Infor relating to new technology and developments of their existing products. Some of these developments were related to: Infor Cloudsuite, Coleman AI, Infor Control Center and Infor Go.

Cashbook were exhibiting at Inforum for the eight successive year as an Infor Global Partner. The Cashbook booth was located in the Infor Healthcare section given our specific focus this year on Infor’s Lawson ERP system. We met a lot of great companies at Inforum over the three days, from a lot of exciting industries. All of these companies had the same common problem, cashflow, and they were looking for a software solution to help improve it.


Michael Twomey and David Rushe pictured at the Cashbook booth, Inforum 2018.

There was a lot of interest in our Cash Management software solutions. Specifically, in our Cash Application automation, Bank Reconciliation automation, and Accounts Payable automation modules. Due to advancements in technology companies are now very interested in automating the labour intensive and repetitive parts of their financial processes. Deductions automation and Lockbox automation were the other hot topics that people kept discussing. Cashbook were happy to demonstrate our proven software solutions in these areas and overall it was a fantastic event. Inforum was finished off by Lenny Kravitz at the excellent Infor customer appreciation concert.

Cashbook Rising

As soon as Inforum 2018 concluded, Cashbook Rising commenced at the Watergate Hotel in D.C. We had some of our North American users and partners join us from ten different companies. The aim of this year’s event was to provide more education, training and value to our customers and partners. There was a very strong focus on: Cashbook training, useful product tips and tricks, and the essential top 10 cashbook features.

On the product and implementation side, Cashbook presentations came from Greg Coulter, CEO, and Mary O’Brien, Product and Implementations Director. Haroon Panezai and Michael Twomey from Cashbook presented on Projects, Partners and Marketing functions. This year there was a strong emphasis on having an open-floor environment with encouragement of questions throughout, and we also extended breaks for networking.


Greg Coulter speaking to attendees at Cashbook Rising 2018, Watergate Hotel, D.C.

There were two customer presentations, one from Greg Sekula, Accounting and Inventory Manager, The Alamo Group. The second presentation was from Barb Skrletts, Treasury Systems and AR Manager, MTD. Both customers discussed how they use Cashbook and illustrated the long-term benefits Cashbook has brought to their companies.

Cashbook Rising 2018 was a very informative event in such a beautiful setting as the Watergate hotel. To have ten customer and partner companies together, and provide them with two days of training, learning and networking was just fantastic. The Irish Embassy event was also a very exciting part of Cashbook Rising for the attendees.

Irish Embassy

After the first day of Cashbook Rising finished, all attendees boarded the bus at the Watergate and headed to the Irish Embassy. This dinner evening was scheduled with the Ambassador to the USA, Mr Daniel Mulhall. Cashbook were hosting the meal at the Irish Embassy, and there was a very distinctive Irish theme to the whole evening. Cashbook wanted to show our North American friends some Irish culture and hospitality.


Greg Coulter, Cashbook CEO, with Daniel Mulhall, Irish Ambassador to the USA.

The Irish Ambassador spoke at the start of the evening and recited a poem by famous Irish poet, Seamus Heaney. Greg Coulter, CEO, also spoke to the attendees and thanked the Ambassador for accommodating Cashbook. The night was then rounded off with beautiful Irish music from Aine O’Doherty, an Irish singer living in Washington.

It was such a special occasion to be welcomed at the Irish Embassy by the Ambassador. It was truly a memorable night and all of our North American customers and partners had a wonderful time. There were plenty of great stories told, with pictures and videos taken to capture the moment. Including a wonderful group shot (pictured below) with the Ambassador.


Cashbook Rising 2018 attendees pictured with the Irish Ambassador to the USA, Daniel Mulhall and his wife Greta Mulhall.

It was such an incredible week for Cashbook with Inforum and Cashbook Rising. There were great networking opportunities at each event for attendees. Inforum was a very busy and exciting event as usual. Cashbook Rising was a very beneficial event for our North American users and partners. The icing on the cake had to be the dinner with the Irish Ambassador to the US. Cashbook are really looking forward to doing it all over again next year for Inforum and Cashbook Rising. We do hope to see you all there!

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