September 16th, 2016

Lean Finance & Banking Integration for XA

Everyone on your factory floor is well-versed in quality production systems: engineered workflows, standardized work processes, consistent attention to details, identifying and removing inefficiencies, eliminating errors to reduce rework and wastage, improving response times to customer demand and building quality assurance into the system rather than pursuing it as an afterthought.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could extend the same principles to your financial operations?

Maximise the value of your XA investment

Cashbook is a proven cash management solution that extends and automates the functionality of your XA investment. A bolt-on cash management software solution that integrates fully with XA, Cashbook is a 4-in-1 solution that delivers amazing productivity and value to your Finance team for Cash Application, Payments, Bank Reconciliation and Treasury.

“Cashbook is a long standing partner product of Infor that we recommend for every XA account looking for bank statement & lockbox automation, electronic payments and bank reconciliation. They have proven integration with IFM and Enterprise Financials.”

Ross Freeman Senior System Strategy Leader and Senior Product Manager XA at Infor

Automating financial processes and workflows in XA

Accounts Receivable (AR) is where all the money enters into your business. Cashbook offers AR XA automation for bank statements, customer EDI, Lockboxes and Deductions.  In Q4 we are offering OCR technology for Lockbox images to the XA community.  We also have a tried and tested Bills of Remittance or Drafts module and are developing FEC reporting for the French marketplace (in French of course).

Automation isn’t just about reducing headcount by increasing productivity. Your existing workforce has more hours available each day to actively pursue higher value activity such as reducing Days Sales Outstanding and resolving deductions disputes.

Even sales and operation teams benefit

Increased automation benefits not just day-to-day financial operations but also impacts Operations and Sales. The reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) improves both actual cash flow and also the quality of financial information available throughout the organization. This roll on effect through the organization means Procurement will be in a better position to take advantage of discounts for volume purchases and early payment terms. Sales will be able to service customers who are close to their credit limits more often as that particular information is updated faster. Bank financing needs and charges can be reduced as a result of a better cash flow from operations.

We update Legacy Bridge system files UAGYCPP, UAG4CPP, UAG6CPP, UAGZCPP. Validation is performed (AM5LSBUPC) and those transactions without errors are posted to IFM. Miscellaneous Cash (non-AR transactions) can also be posted through Cashbook.

Minimising errors

Accounts Payable (AP) automation software enables a move away from the errors associated with repetitive manual entry in environments with a high volume of transactions. Multiple accounts, currencies and banks are all handled seamlessly, even with multiple feeder ERP’s. On account payments, ACH’s, ACHCTX’s, Wires, drafts, intercompany transfers, check printing and positive payment files can all be automated within Cashbook.

Achieve centralised bank reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation can be centralised for all your bank accounts, regardless of the bank account or ERP. Cashbook have developed a suite of sophisticated matching algorithms so that a Finance team can choose the various auto matching rules that should be applied against the data. Intelligence is built into our cash management software so that tolerances and write-offs can be allowed.

Built-in future proofing

Planning to expand into other countries? Over 25 years, Cashbook have built up a Bank Format and Customer Remittance Library for the Americas, Europe and Asia that will cover your expanding requirements and help to expedite your growth plans.

When our clients decide to upgrade their ERP, whether they use the Infor upgrade path or move to another ERP provider, they can be assured that their investment in Cashbook’s cash management solution is future proofed. Cashbook integrates with all the major ERP providers and their various offerings for mid-range and enterprise scale systems.

We also have worked with LX for 20 years so we have lots of familiarity with the Enterprise Financials files.

Customer Success Stories

If you would like to learn more about Order to Cash (OTC) automation, this case study about global outdoor power equipment manufacturer MTD Products is a must-read. MTD Products began with 8 staff processing 10,000+ deductions a day for customers such as Home Depot, Sears, Costco, Lowes, Ace Hardware and ended with 80% auto matching of 200 EDI remittance files a month. They achieved an increase of 40% in repaid deductions and a team of just 6 within a matter of weeks with Cashbook’s deduction automation software.

Whether your company operates in the construction materials business like Allied Mineral Products, manufactures outdoor power equipment like MTD Products, flat printers like Mutoh or fabricates rotating unions like Deublin, Cashbook can help you make the most of your XA investment.

Request a demo today to explore how your company can maximise the use and value of your investment in XA with Cashbook.

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