December 17th, 2018

Portmeirion Group UK Ltd upgrade to Cashbook v5.8

Portmeirion Group UK Ltd upgrade to Cashbook v5.8
Michael Twomey and David Rushe from Cashbook pictured with Claire Rutter, Finance Manager, Portmeirion Group UK Ltd, at their offices in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

In November 2018, one of our long-standing customers, Portmeirion Group UK Ltd, upgraded to the latest Cashbook v5.8. Portmeirion is a ceramic manufacturer and distributor of tableware, homeware and gifts based in Stoke-on-Trent, England. They have been manufacturing pottery since 1960 and own established brands such as: Portmeirion, Spode, Royal Worcester, Pimpernel and Wax Lyrical. Portmeirion have been a Cashbook customer since 2012.

Through their upgrade to Cashbook v5.8, Portmeirion have access to all new features of the latest release. These upgraded features will see Portmeirion benefit from increased levels of automation. Cashbook v5.8 is the result of thousands of hours of research, development and testing. Most of the new developments in v5.8 are created from business needs of our customers. As our software is fully customizable, we build and add useful functions that help our clients finance departments to run efficiently.

Portmeirion are benefitting from specific new features of v5.8:

  • General Ledger splits – these are used to write off miscellaneous expenses (VAT, Merchant POS rentals) and to account for inter-company account transfers.
  • Change transaction type – a number of transactions come in as RECs on the bank statement import, that need to be changed to MISC’s. Previously these lines needed to be deleted and recreated as MISC’s.
  • Customer Remit Formats – used to copy remittance imports to other customers with the same format of remittance. This also gives an option to copy the algorithms associated to the remittance format to the new customer.
  • Statistics – these will be monitored to ensure the performance of Cashbook remains optimised, also to monitor for any drops in performance that may require a change to an algorithm or import format.
  • Deductions from the journal line – allows the same functionality to account for deductions allowed to the customer for early payment to be achieved more efficiently. Select and create deductions, this skips the other steps and brings you directly to the data entry screen. Also sets amount to remaining amount of transactions to allow quicker allocations.

Portmeirion have also got the following features through their upgrade:

  • Aging – see invoices in buckets of 30/60/90 days aging, this allows you to see invoices that are currently outstanding. It also gives you a great view of how timely payments are.
  • New user screens – easier navigation for users.
  • Allowing unallocated cash – on transactions page, this can then be allocated when required.
  • Auto allocations – of customer invoices.
  • Automatic import – of remittances.
  • Cash Manager – this allows a complete overview of Cashbook at manager level. You can easily view up-to-date data from your Bank, ERP and Cashbook. This gives you a better view of your cashflows in the organization.

Portmeirion are very happy to have upgraded to v5.8, and they are now using all four modules of Cashbook: Cash Application, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation and Cash Manager. The full upgrade process took just two weeks including one full on-site day at Portmeirion by Cashbook. The upgrade was completed on-time and on-budget. Portmeirion have commented on the great level of support they have received during the upgrade process. The finance team at Portmeirion love the new screens, as it allows for much improved navigation around Cashbook, they also love the new functions and extra automation that v5.8 gives them. It allows them to be much more flexible when they are allocating cash. Portmeirion have connected their online e-shop directly to Cashbook. Overall, this was a very successful upgrade for a much-valued customer. We wish Portmeirion every success in the future and we look forward to achieving great results together.

With the upgrade to Cashbook v5.8 we now have a fresh new look on screen with easier navigation.  The upgrade went well and the Cashbook support team were excellent” –  Claire Rutter, Finance Manager, Portmeirion Group UK Ltd.

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