October 1st, 2020

Trinity Industries moves to the web version of Cashbook


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Trinity Industries, Inc. is a premier provider of railcar products and services in North America that markets its business under the brand name TrinityRail®.  TrinityRail subsidiaries in Mexico have been using Cashbook for the last 2 years to automate their Cash Application process.

Trinity went live in September with Cashbook V6, the new cloud-native version of Cashbook. This new version includes an improved user interface and workflow to enhance the user experience. As it is accessed by browser, V6 is equally at home hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

LX Program Manager Beryl Van Brakel has overseen the upgrade of the core ERP from BPCS to LX. As well as upgrades and new additions to the other applications connected to the LX ecosystem in North America.

We already had all the complexities of a major ERP upgrade project on our hands before Covid-19 was added to the mix. We upgraded core modules, upgraded associated applications within the Infor ecosystem and also added several new interfaces. The challenges were, of course, compounded by remote delivery. Our vendors worked with us to overcome the unique challenges presented in 2020 and meet the deadlines from our original, pre-Covid plans. There was additional planning and coordination required of course. The combined teams succeeded in efficiently and effectively delivering our business requirements.Beryl Van Brakel, LX Program Manager, Trinity Industries.

The Trinity upgrade project presented a unique combination of opportunities: a major LX upgrade, a new EGLi interface and a fully-remote Go Live. The excellent support from our partner, Infor, and the other vendors on the project was crucial for us to meet deadlines and ensure a successful project for Trinity. We are very appreciative of all the hard work and diligence from the Trinity team. I am very proud of the efforts and results of the Cashbook team, especially in these challenging circumstances.Haroon Panezai, Partners Director, Cashbook.

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