March 25th, 2024

TVS Go-Live

On March 7th Tony Cantillon, a senior consultant on our services team headed over to Lancashire in England alongside David Rushe our business development director to visit one of our customers who have just gone live. Tony has worked closely with TVS for this go-live and it was great for both parties to meet on-site. TVS Supply Chain Solutions has over 100 years of experience addressing supply chain challenges for international organizations, government departments, large and medium-sized businesses through their fully integrated service offerings.

TVS are using Cashbook across their entire cash process which involves Cash App with Bank Statement Autocoding, Remittances, Collections, Bank Reconciliation and Email Remittances Vendors. Below is a picture of Tony with Yvonne and Vicky from TVS.

Tony pictured with Vicky and Yvonne from TVS

A Customer Since 1997

TVS have been a customer of ours since 1997, a V4 green screen customer, choosing to skip the entire V5 version and go straight to V6. This go-live for TVS represents a huge difference in technology but one that will be significantly rewarding for their team. The shift to our web platform means that they now have an application which is very user friendly for their next generation of employees to use.

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