‘Bank Reconciliation Automation Webinar’ 10th of April 2024

This webinar on Bank Reconciliation Automation is taking place on Wednesday the 10th of April at 9 am US Central / 3pm GMT. Click on the button above to sign up now!

Automate 95% of your bank reconciliation while reducing workload by 50% with our Bank Reconciliation software.

Don’t miss out! take the opportunity today to learn all you wish to know about Bank Reconciliation with our latest webinar. It will be highlighting our newest capabilities as well as case studies. Join CEO Greg Coulter and Business Development Director David Rushe as they will be discussing how Cashbook can benefit your business.

Automate reconciliations between bank statements and general ledger data. Cashbook’s sophisticated matching rules fully automate bank and credit card statements. Auto-create general ledger entries and use tolerance based write-offs. One central, reliable, trusted software platform powering bank reconciliation automation.

With our bank reconciliation automation module, you will learn how:

  • Data from your general ledger files is compared directly to your bank statements and auto-matching takes place.
  • Our Bank Reconciliation automation software module has a powerful matching engine that is based upon rules defined by your finance department.
  • Cashbook allows users to automate the process of reconciling transactions with one of the very best software tools for bank account reconciliation on the market.
  • Cashbook’s functionality allows for un-presented items to be “carried forward” to the next reconciliation. Allowing you to balance and close the current reconciliation.
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