‘Cash App, Deductions & email webinar’ 21st February 2024

Take the opportunity today to learn all you wish to know about Cash App & Collections Automations with our cash app, deductions & email webinar. Join CEO Greg Coulter and Business Development Director David Rushe as they will be discussing how Cashbook can benefit your business.

Cashbook’s first webinar of our 2024 series of webinars takes place on Wednesday 21st of February at (9 am US Central / 3pm GMT). Please register your details below and you will be then emailed a link to join the webinar.

Automate bank statements, lockboxes, customer/email remittances, customer portals, direct debits, drafts, deductions, collections and more. Invoice automation can be as high as 90% even when there is a separation of ACH/Check payments and remittance data. To register for this webinar please fill out your details below and you will then receive a link to join our webinar.

In this 30-min cash app deductions & email webinar, you will learn how:

  • Cashbook can reduce your days sales outstanding by 10%.
  • You can reduce expensive bank lockbox charges by 75%.
  • Cashbook achieves over 90% invoice automation for Cash Application.
  • Cashbook has a fully automated transaction process that updates your general ledger (GL).
  • We fully automate the customer portal process with big box retailers.
  • Cashbook helps you save $$$’s annually with Cash App automation.
  • We fully automate your email remittance process.
  • Cashbook can automate your deductions process, saving thousands each year.
  • Cashbook efficiently links your Cash App and Collections processes
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