Maximize Efficiency and Streamline your Financial Processes

Is your finance team swamped with repetitive manual work in cash application, bank reconciliation, collections, deductions and accounts payable? Discover how our software can automate this workload to free up your staff to focus on more strategic work and avail of live AR data to aid in better decision making. Enable your team to maximize efficiency and streamline financial processes today, starting with our webinar. This webinar on Cash Application & Collections automation is taking place on Wednesday the 14th of August at 9 am US Central / 3pm UK. Click on the button above to sign up now!

Take the opportunity today to learn all you wish to know about Cashbook with our latest Cash App & Collections webinar. It will be highlighting our newest capabilities in Cash App & Collections with our expert Business Development Director David Rushe. Join him as he will take you through how Cashbook can benefit your business and finance team.

Would you like to find out more about Cashbook? Why not Book a Demo or Contact Us for more information. Choose to streamline your financial processes and maximize efficiency to lead your business in todays fast paced world.

With Cashbook, you will discover how you can SOLVE these common everyday challenges:

  • Customers paying late and claiming deductions & unearned discount
  • Losing sales due to incorrect credit holds
  • Late payers creeping up because staff are swamped
  • Staff barely having any time to make collection calls
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