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News and Views from the Cashbook team

EXIM Hero Award Finalist

Cashbook are delighted to be shortlisted as a finalist for this years EXIM Hero Awards. There are 12 finalists in total, all vying for the prestigious title of EXIM Hero. The winner of the award will be the company who best demonstrates the following criteria: The degree of innovation in the marketing strategy International growth achieved and the ability to sustain that growth Evidence of sustainable competitive advantage Value and contribution of international trading to business expansion The overall company commitment to international business The award will be presented at […]

5 Cash Application Goals You Won’t Achieve Without Lockbox Automation

For many businesses, lockboxes offer a substantial benefit for cash management, often freeing up internal resources and providing faster access to customer payments. While this bank-managed service offers great improvements to the in-house and manual methods of processing remittances, new cash management automation technology enables even faster processing, with greater accuracy and dramatically increased time savings.

Lean Finance & Banking Integration for XA

Everyone on your factory floor is well-versed in quality production systems: engineered workflows, standardized work processes, consistent attention to details, identifying and removing inefficiencies, eliminating errors to reduce rework and wastage, improving response times to customer demand and building quality assurance into the system rather than pursuing it as an afterthought. Wouldn’t it be great if you could extend the same principles to your financial operations? Maximise the value of your XA investment Cashbook is a proven cash management solution that extends and automates the functionality of your XA investment. […]

EXIM Summit Q&A with Greg Coulter

In advance of the upcoming EXIM Summit in Dublin, Greg Coulter, who will be one of the featured speakers at the event, took part in an in-depth question and answers session for the EXIM Summit website. The Q&A covers a variety of interesting topics, including what makes Cashbook different from it’s competitors, what inspires Greg, the potential implications of Brexit for Irish businesses and the lessons learnt from operating during the challenging economic recession. Read Greg’s answer to the question ‘What, in your opinion, sets you apart from your competitors?’ below, […]

10 Fastest Growing Financial Solution Providers

Insights Success, one of the United States leading technology and business platform’s has recognized Cashbook in their recent “The 10 Fastest Growing Financial Solution Provider Companies” edition. Cashbook are delighted to be featured alongside other distinguished and growing companies, with the final 10 providers being chosen based on their performance, their innovative solutions, and their contribution to the changing scenario of the financial market. “We’ve been developing, expanding and refining our algorithms for 25 years. That’s a sophisticated and immensely reliable resource for any company. Clients’ accounting talent and experience can never simply […]

The Silicon Review Lists Cashbook in 50 Most Innovative Companies

Cashbook is delighted to feature in a recent edition of the prestigious Silicon Review. Listed as one of the 50 most innovative companies, the piece looks at the work we do at Cashbook and some of the companies we have helped on our journey that began over 20 years ago. “Every business in the world should have cash automation, an accurate bank reconciliation and cash forecasting. Every company in the world has cash and it needs managing. There is no tool in the world doing this. We will be the […]

The Consequences of Manual Deductions Management

For manufacturers of consumer goods, deductions are an undesirable but commonplace reality. A CPG (consumer packaged goods) manufacturer sends an invoice to a retailer for $100,000 of goods but yet only receives a cheque for $90,000 in return. Why? The retailer in question has applied “deductions”.

EDI: A chameleon, not a dinosaur

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is, fundamentally, the transfer of financial information between businesses. The physical supply chain between buyers and sellers requires a financial supply chain that can capture the complexity of the trading environment. Structure and automation in this process enables vendors, customers and financial institutions to support the physical supply chain in a timely and accurate manner.

Supporting Our Local Communities

Here at Cashbook we love our sports. It probably comes from a proud sporting tradition in the province of Munster, in general, and in Limerick in particular. In 2016, we’ve sponsored two teams to show we care.

Delivering more for BPCS/LX in Europe

For many years Cashbook has been the solution of choice for global organizations looking for a single solution for banking integration. However, there were always specific challenges in the Italian, Spanish and French markets that were filled with products such as Carteras (Italy, Spain) and FCF (France). In 2016, Cashbook have expanded their development team to cater for these specific local country requirements.

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