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Month: January 2017

Greg Coulter: Building a Customer centric Company

Greg Coulter, CEO of Cashbook, offers his insights on his evolving leadership role in growing a company while developing both professionally and as a person. Some key themes touched upon are setting responsibilities and priorities, organic growth, planning, learning from the customer, adapting to a changing role and steering towards the future. The full article can be found at Insights Success.
UL Eagles looking stronger for 2017

It’s halfway through the season and the UL Eagles are emerging from a period of transformation and rebuilding. The first half of the season has been one of continual reinvention for the team and also, unfortunately, some setbacks and frustrating results. The Eagles have only one win on the board so far in the season, which is a poor reflection of the quality of the performances on the court as well as the effort and dedication of the coach and players. The season started brightly in September with an extremely […]
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