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Month: December 2017

Cashbook – Healthcare, Epic, and Lawson S3

Cashbook are excited to announce a new customer in the Healthcare industry based in Virginia, USA. There are seven different hospitals that make up this healthcare group. The healthcare software system that is used by this hospital is Epic, and their ERP system is Lawson S3. The healthcare industry is a rapidly changing environment and running a collective of Hospitals requires flexibility in terms of cash flow management and reconciliation. Healthcare companies can receive cash from many different areas, such as over the counter cash, checks and credit cards that […]

2018 North American Cashbook User Conference

Cashbook are delighted to announce the 2nd annual North American Cashbook user conference in 2018. Cashbook held the inaugural North American user conference in October 2017, in Chicago. That event was a great success so we are returning in 2018. The 2018 Cashbook User Conference will be held on the 27th and 28th September in the historic and beautiful city of Washington D.C. This event will start at 13.00pm on Thursday 27th, immediately after Inforum 2018 finishes. The 2018 Cashbook User Conference will be a very educational event, one where our […]

Cashbook Sponsors Soccer Stars in New Zealand

New Zealand may not be going to the World Cup in Russia next year, but that did not hinder these dedicated players from winning the regional Soccer Seven’s tournament. The Cashbook sponsored team were victorious in the regional Soccer Seven’s tournament in Auckland, New Zealand. The organization and skills shown throughout the tournament by the team were a sight to behold. Playing with a tough Italian style defence, combined with an attack that resembled the great Brazilian teams of old. The Cashbook sponsored team managed to reach the final, where […]

RPA, Machine Learning, and Cashbook

As the years go by, there are frequent new developments in technology. These developments are typically for the better. They lead to further simplification of our daily lives, but more importantly make our jobs less complex in the world of business. These developments in technology along with human innovation, eventually disrupt the way business processes are conducted in organizations across the world. This is the same for various businesses in all types of industries. The current hot topics in the Financial Industry are –  Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Machine […]

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