March 20th, 2020

A St Patrick’s Day like no other

St. Patrick’s Day 2020

St. Patrick’s Day 2020 will be a day to remember long into the future for the Irish people and all those around the world. This national holiday would usually see the streets, pubs and local communities abundant with people celebrating this patriotic day. However, this year there was a disheartening spirit around the country as people were advised to remain in their homes, and to self-isolate amid fears of the recent outbreak of Covid-19. These extraordinary circumstances saw local towns and cities of Ireland deserted, during a time that is usually one of Ireland’s most vibrant days of the year.

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have resulted in people across the globe staying at home in self-isolation. Many are now working from home and in the most unfortunate cases, many people are now left without a job. During this difficult time of confusion and uncertainty for the future, the Irish people have once again shown unity and strength in support of one another, and of all countries around the world.

St. Patrick’s Day is one of great pride, the people of Ireland took the opportunity to express their love for Ireland in a very different way this year. Many viral internet videos were shared worldwide of citizens practicing St. Patrick’s day customs such as Irish dancing, wearing green, and singing traditional Irish songs. As the people of Ireland shared their moments from this unforgettable national holiday. Countries across the globe had the opportunity to disconnect from the daunting hourly news updates, and take a moment to be a part of this inclusive, cheerful day.

Working from home

As there is currently an increase in businesses temporarily closing to prevent the virus spreading. There is also an increase in the number of people that must now work from home. At Cashbook, all of our staff have the opportunity to work remotely in order to stay safe. As well as maintaining business as usual, as much as possible. Justifiably, this new working environment can be difficult to adjust to as many people have a habitual daily routine. Cashbook have included some top tips that our staff have implemented over the last week. You can use these tips to make your work from home as productive as possible.

Stick to the office hours

This can be a difficult time for parents who now have their children at home full time. By sticking to the schedule you will have a clearer guideline of workflow for the day. It also allows you to maintain that work-life balance.

Get Dressed!

As tempting as it can seem to work from the comfort of your pajamas. Getting dressed will help create the productive mindset, and make you feel like as though you are tackling another normal day.

Choose a workspace

Just like your office desk, you need a designated space where all your collaborative thinking and creativity takes place. This allows you to switch off when you move away from the workspace at the end of the day, and not carry the work with you.

Over Communicate

These unprecedented circumstances have left many people unable to ask simple questions to their colleagues in the same building. However, keep asking questions and collaborating as a team to avoid misunderstandings and to boost staff morale during this difficult time.

Take Breaks

When possible, aim to take your breaks as you would in the workplace. This gives an added sense of structure and goal orientation to complete small tasks between breaks.

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