Electronic Payments Automation

Electronic Payment Automation Software

A single electronic payment transmission system regardless of bank, currency or ERP system.

The module provides payment formats for 75+ banks including ETEBAC, STD18, ACH, CLIEOP03, BGK, BGF, CHAPS, DTA, FED, CAPS, PAGOS.

Features of Electronic Payments Module

True Integration

A single payment solution regardless of bank, currency or ERP system

Cashbook provides a single solution for all payments no matter what ERP, bank or currency you are using. Pay your invoices in your ERP system and then have Cashbook automatically create the necessary banking files. Such integration brings huge efficiencies and massive cost savings as your company can now employ a single payments platform across multiple sites and banks.

Intelligence & Automation

Multiple banks, currencies, formats. It’s complicated. Let technology do the work!

Cashbook generates both IBAN and non-IBAN payment formats quickly and easily. Different versions of SEPA are easily configurable. This module seamlessly integrates with Cashbook’s Bank Reconciliation and Automatic Email Remittance modules providing a single platform for all your accounts payable requirements.

Financial Control

Full, real time visibility and a complete audit trail

Cashbook provides a complete audit trail, including user profile data, date and time stamps, providing immediate visibility and traceability when required. This module provides auditable security surrounding vendor and employee bank account details. Cashbook is BACSTEL-IP compliant.

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