April 23rd, 2024

Webinar on the 12th of June

Cash App, Deductions & Collections Automation Webinar on June 12th

Join us on Wednesday the 12th of June at 9am US CDT / 3pm GMT for our webinar on cash app, deductions & collections automation. Business Development Director David Rushe will be discussing all things Cash App, Deductions and Collections. As David approaches his 12th year at Cashbook, his insight is invaluable as he demonstrates Cashbook’s financial automation toolkit for cash application, collections, and deductions management. Register using the link button above…

Our aim is to help you and your business with the everyday problems you may face such as losing sales to incorrect credit holds, wasting time on manual processes, pressure from auditors, late payers creeping up because your team is swamped, customers paying late and claiming deductions and unearned discount and so much more. Don’t let these problems slow your team down, find out how we can tailor our solution to fit your needs and wants to make your life easier and more importantly ….. less stressful.

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