April 19th, 2024

Cashbook Newsletter from 1995

A Blast From the Past for Cashbook – 29 years ago….

Wow! Check out this Cashbook newsletter which was released from the team in Spring 1995….. How time flies when you’re having fun. It has been 29 years since this newsletter and we have come a long way and developed so much that we are all so proud of. Our purpose at Cashbook has always been to build super intelligent cash management software solutions which maximize the automation of high volume financial transactions. This Cashbook Newsletter from 1995 really reminds us how far we have come.

Since 1992, we’ve been applying a special blend of finance and technology expertise to maximize the automation of high volume financial transactions for large organizations around the globe. Our team has grown over the years and we couldn’t be prouder of the product we have to offer our customers, so that their lives are made easier and less stressful knowing they have Cashbook supporting them.

What you can expect from our team

If you choose Cashbook, you will work with a team of dedicated specialists. We ensure every project is 100% completed, regardless of challenges. We ensure our clients have a solution tailored for their specific needs and requirements.

Cashbook can help companies with high-volume transactions with tailored software built to streamline and automate financial processes. Find out how you can increase cash flow, eliminate manual processes, reduce DSO, and improve cash visibility. Simply reach out to our team for a call to help you and your business today…..

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