June 28th, 2016

Cashbook Announce Release of Software v5.6

In July 2016 we can announce the release of Cashbook v5.6, a cumulative release on the v5 platform which includes a number of product enhancements. The notable improvements include:

  • Cash Manager enhancements for payment analysis for customers, vendors and invoice payments.
  • Cash Manager enhancements to better display on account payments, receipts, GL splits, deductions.
  • Cash Manager Statistics enable everyone in Cashbook to evaluate the automation of Cashbook in terms of automating the customer selection, invoice selection, deduction creation, automatic write-offs as well as bank reconciliation automation.
  • New functions such as Next & Previous for quickly moving from one customer to another.
  • Invoice search retrieves customer numbers.
  • Additional algorithms for dealing with discount and deductions.
  • Submission of Jobs for postings, transmissions, uploads to improve speed.
  • Enhancements to our Bank Reconciliation module to enable pattern matching in our reconciler rules and mass select buttons.
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