March 12th, 2018

Cashbook are attending the Spring Lawson User Groups

Cashbook are excited to be attending the upcoming Spring Lawson User groups that are happening across the United States. These events are focused on the Lawson S3 space in the Healthcare industry. Lawson S3 is an ERP system that Cashbook have really focused on over this past year. Cashbook signed a hugely exciting deal with a large customer from the Healthcare industry that are based in Virginia, USA. There are seven different hospitals which make up the healthcare group. The healthcare software system that is used by this hospital is Epic and their ERP system is of course Lawson S3.

The healthcare industry is a rapidly changing environment and running a collective of Hospitals requires flexibility in terms of cash flow management and reconciliation. Healthcare companies can receive cash from many different areas, such as over the counter cash, checks and credit cards that need to be applied to Patient Invoices and Non-Patient Revenue. These companies also receive electronic payments (ACH’s) and some have lockbox files in place with their banks. Cash flow management is vital for hospital systems to maintain the daily operations.

Cashbook is an add-on automation and productivity tool for Lawson that consolidates all your cash information in one location and creates a daily overview of your cash position. Transform your financial operations and increase the productivity of your Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation functions with Cashbook’s automation capabilities. We consider cashflow going to patient health systems, such as EPIC and Cerner.

Cashbook automates the coding from bank statements to Lawson General Ledger codes. This includes automating lockboxes, credit card files, deductions and decoupled remittance details from emails and web portals. Cashbook automates payables with checks, ACH’s, wires and the new ISO 20022 formats. Our posting process generates the GL Interface file which will then update Lawson GL via the GL165 program. Bank Reconciliation automation transforms your month-end into a daily reconciliation so the last day of the month is as easy the first day of the following month.

Lawson User Groups

As an Infor partner, Cashbook are looking forward to meeting users at these Lawson User groups to share our experiences and discuss how we have helped companies to enjoy the productivity benefits of Cash Application automation. You can meet Cashbook if you are attending any of the following Lawson User events, we are looking forward to seeing you there.

23rd March: Georgia Alabama Lawson User Group – Braselton, Georgia.

23rd March: Florida Lawson User Group – Miramar, Florida.

30th March: Carolinas Lawson User Group – Greensboro, North Carolina.

18th May: Tennessee Lawson User Group – Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

Have a look at our events calendar to keep up-to-date with us in 2018! –

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