April 28th, 2020

Cashbook extends reach in Sub-Saharan Africa with Penny Buthelezi


Penny Buthelezi, International Business Development, speaking at a recent event.

Cashbook is delighted to announce an expansion into Sub-Saharan Africa with our newest partner Penny Buthelezi. Penny is a dynamic entrepreneur with great business acumen and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has pioneered new business models, strategic partnerships and promoted trade and investment growth through business development initiatives. She has a particular focus on international companies looking at expanding their global reach and investments in emerging markets. For over 15 years, Penny has played a pivotal role in strategic and business development for companies such as: Microsoft, Rand Merchant Bank and KPMG in Africa.

In three years heading up the Fintech and Education sector for Irish trade commission in Sub-Saharan Africa. Penny achieved optimal results in her role by influencing and advising businesses in Europe and developed markets on conducting business in Africa. Resulting in substantial growth for her individual clients.

Penny has recently joined a bespoke consulting company, and signed their first fintech consulting partnership with Cashbook. Cashbook are a leader in Cash Automation software solutions with clients in 25+ countries and multiple industries. LinkPro Consult are a bespoke provider of growth opportunities through partnerships with renowned innovators of cutting-edge technology. LinkPro Consult specialize in emerging African economies. They focus on technologies that empower growth through sustainable efficiencies and innovative business models.

If you are based in Sub-Saharan Africa and are interested in our Cash Automation software solutions. Please get in touch with Penny by email at n.buthelezi@linkproconsult.com or by mobile at +27 81 776 6558. Cashbook are looking forward to working with Penny and to further developing our customer base in Africa.

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