June 11th, 2020

Cashbook launch Business Process Outsourcing


Cashbook provides instantaneous outsourcing service for customers

For over twenty years, Cashbook has focused upon providing financial software for automating Cash Application, Electronic Payments and Bank Reconciliation processes. During the Covid-19 pandemic, one of our luckier customers became overwhelmed with extra work due to high transaction volumes. A Friday night phone call was made to Cashbook for help, and work began on Monday morning to clear the huge backlog of unapplied cash.

With Cashbook’s experienced team of support and product consultants, we were able to offer a two-week business process outsourcing (BPO) solution of the highest quality. Rather than hiring untrained temps for a three to six-month period with inevitable HR induction requirements. Our client was able to quickly supplement their existing Cash Application team & catch up on their significant backlog.

Reasons why Cashbook might be considered an ideal BPO partner

  1. Trained & Skilled team who know how to make the most of our software.
  2. Five hours ahead of the East Coast – able to complete multiple lockboxes before their finance team logged in.
  3. Ease of doing business. Once clients are using Cashbook, we have the ability to turn this service on (or off).
  4. Instant access to Cashbook Technical resources. We added five new enhancements after our first outsourcing job. As Technical resources joined the process, new ideas and improvements were developed.
  5. With high speed internet services in Ireland. The team were able to work from home far more efficiently than other outsource providers, who may have different home office infrastructure capabilities.

Ireland as a centre for Business Process Outsourcing

Ireland has a fantastic record since the early 1990’s as a destination for multinationals. It is now the European hub to over 1,000 leading multinational companies including Apple, Google, Pfizer and Microsoft.  Other reasons Ireland is an ideal location for BPO include:


Ireland has always been regarded as a centre of excellence for education. Businesses who require a skilled, versatile, well-trained and highly educated workforce are choosing Irish Customer Contact Centres. According to the IDA, Ireland has one of the most educated workforce in the world. In fact, the share of 30-34 year olds in Ireland with a third level qualification is 56.3%, which is in stark contrast compared to the EU average of 40.7%.


For many decades, Ireland has been globally recognised as one of the key CX capitals of the world. This is primarily due to Irish organisations having a long track record of prioritising, investing and embracing leading edge technologies in the CX operation to drive efficiency. Ireland has strong research capabilities, with dedicated research institutes and centres of excellence in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics.

Ease of doing Business:

Ireland’s open and business friendly environment, ranks in the top 15 countries to do business. According to the IDA, Ireland’s strong and legal regulatory landscape, makes the country an attractive and stable place to do business. On a practical level, Ireland’s geographic location makes Ireland a gateway to world markets, with strong ties to both Europe and the United States.

Ireland has been chosen by 9 of the Top 10 US technology companies, 8 of the Top 10 financial companies, the Top 5 Global software companies, and 8 of the Top 10 industrial automation companies. This illustrates that Ireland has a proven track record as a successful location for leading multinationals.

Data sources: Crios Group, IDA Ireland

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