June 11th, 2020

Three Key Challenges of Cash Application


Cashbook has over twenty years supplying Cash Application software around the world. During that time, we’ve come across many different cash automation challenges. The three key challenges of Cash Application automation are outlined below:

  1. Digitizing Remittances

Lockbox services involves banks collecting checks from a designated address (usually a P.O. Box) then process these checks on your behalf, and deposit them directly into your bank account. To eliminate bank keying fees, we take images of checks and remittances and use OCR functionality to digitize the data. Special challenges encountered and resolved here include:

  • Illegible characters.
  • Multi-column formats.
  • Multi-page remittances.
  • Deductions identifying and auto-coding.
  • Missing lines from remittances.
  • Missing characters from invoices.
  • Discount terms incorrect.
  • Paying off customer statements.
  • Over-paying, short-paying, and double paying.

Using the latest OCR technology, we have facilitated the most simplified Data Extraction and verification process on the market. We demystify the digitization process and put the power into users’ hands.

  1. Remittance File Types

Being able to automate different file types is another challenge that has been met and overcome by Cashbook. Different file types here include:

  • Image-based (TIFF’s, PDF’s).
  • PDF (Images and System generated).
  • Text information in the body of the email.
  • Emails with attachments.
  • Excel files.
  • EDI files.
  • Credit Card files – with different settlement dates/fees.
  • WWW (Web portals need accessing & data auto-retrieved).

Auto-identifying document types is a key first step in the automation process. Followed by identification of the layouts of the files, and retrieval of the data in a common layout for ease of automation.

  1. Decoupled Remittances & Matching Flexibility

Once you’ve pre-formatted all the various files received in their many different formats. You need a tool to link those images with the bank statement data received. Cashbook has experience with linking bank formats (over 200 in our library) with the relevant customer remittance files. In the B2B space, different payment methods require different matching rules, some examples encountered here include:

  • Payment on PO/Sales Order/Item Level/Invoice.
  • Prefix and Suffix’s missing or added.
  • Deductions at detail level that need summarization.
  • Deductions that require coding for investigation.
  • Websites that require accessing.
  • Auto-linking of bank statement lines with remittance amounts.
  • Multiple customer payments/hierarchies.
  • Short payments due to discount, chargeback’s, shortages, deliveries, and bank fees.

All of the above challenges of Cash Application have been worked on by Cashbook over the last twenty years. We have experienced project managers who are ready to deliver the most cost-effective solution on the market.

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