April 8th, 2019

Cashbook v5.9 – New Features Revealed

Cashbook’s latest release is v5.9. This follows on the footsteps of last year’s v5.8, it includes an incremental group of new improvements.

Here is what our users can expect to find in Cashbook v5.9.

  • Lawson S3 ERP Integration: Integration with Lawson S3, inbound data and outbound Posting File GL165 and Reconciliation file CB185.
  • Bank Statement Import: Enhancements to auto-coding, assignment of Owner and Transaction Source.
  • Health Sector AR Billing Agencies: Imports of EPIC and JDM Posted Cash Files.
  • Portals: Development of Portals for integration with Lawson S3 AR, AP and Payroll Transactions.
  • Owner: Addition of Owner Name to User ID, for assignment of transactions to business team members.
  • Copy Journal Line: New function to copy journal line.
  • Reversal: Option to create new transaction after reversal for rebooking the original transaction.
  • Journal Transfers: Transactions may be split creating multiple journal lines and using a variety of Transaction Types. A requirement for the health sector, breaking down deposits across the various AR external agency billers and NPR.
  • Filters: The position to/locate fields at the top of the journal lines and reconciliation screens have been enhanced to act as filters, rather than just a position to function. Wildcard function on many fields.
  • Email Portals: Development of Email Portals for extraction and import of customer remittances.
  • Customer Portals: Additional customer portals.
  • User Views: Automatic Refresh of User Views after Edit.
  • User Input Defaults: Edit and Delete User Input Defaults.
  • Batch Process Actions: Use Views to specify some actions which may be performed on multiple Journals/Transactions.
  • Reconciliation: New Report ‘Matched with Exceptions’.
  • Reconciliation: New fields on Reconciliation Screen – Party, Party Name, Payment Type, Category.
  • Unposted Cash Report: New Report ‘Unposted Cash’ (open transactions).
  • New AR Cash Algorithms:

Apply cheque against open invoice with matching amount.

Apply cheque amount against balance of invoices on account.

Summarise GL Write-Offs.

  • Data Extraction/OCR: Many functional improvements and fixes.
  • Cash Manager – AR and AP Aging Enhancements:

Details of Aging Balances.

History of Aging.

  • Cash Manager: Discount Reporting – Discounts Taken, Days to Pay, Discounts Lost.
  • Batch Posting: Post CBK Journals in batch (ERP system specific).
  • Reconciliation: New Report Other: Many bug fixes and minor enhancements to functionality and screens.

“The latest version of Cashbook includes a lot of improvements and developments that stem from working in new industries and integrating our software with new ERPs. These improvements will also be of great use to our existing customer base”.

Mary O’Brien, Founder & Product Director, Cashbook.

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