June 7th, 2024

Greg’s Podcast with Business Spotlight

Did you see Greg’s video podcast with Business Spotlight? It was a great interview with CEO Greg Coulter and The Business Spotlight Series that gives watchers an insight into what Cashbook represents and the fantastic team we have built over the years. Tom O’Kelly asked Greg a series of questions surrounding the history of Cashbook, what we are achieving and some personal insight into things he has learned along the way.

Greg speaks about the core feature of Cashbook – our team and how building a great team has resulted in a 20% annual compound growth over the last three years. TRUST being a key value offering and rewarding clients with TIME in return. He explains how our committed staff is what makes us stand out from the competition and offers his advice to budding entrepreneurs – “Be open to new learnings and continuously ask what can be done better”.

Greg started his career off in finance and like anyone in finance, he quickly realized he hated the month-end bank reconciliation. Therefore, his vision aims to eliminate them from other people’s lives – lucky you! so what are you waiting for?

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What you can expect from our team

Should you choose Cashbook, you will collaborate with an excellent group of committed experts. We ensure our clients receive a solution that is customized to meet their particular needs.

We are a software solution helping to automate and streamline financial procedures for businesses with high transaction volumes. Learn how to lower DSO, remove manual processes, boost cash flow, and enhance cash visibility.

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