November 14th, 2023

Irish Credit Team Awards 2023

Cashbook proudly served as a sponsor at the prestigious 6th Annual Irish Credit Team Awards, held on November 10th 2023 at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire. The annual event, acknowledging outstanding accomplishments, highlighted the often unsung heroes of business—the Credit teams. These teams play a pivotal role in ensuring the vitality of businesses by maintaining a consistent cash flow.

Where the credit function can be thankless and overlooked, the Awards celebrate excellence in this demanding area of business. Beyond recognition, the event provided a social platform for team members to connect, fostering an environment of learning and collaboration among credit teams nationwide.

Haroon Panezai, Dave Ewing, and Stephen Tlaker from Cashbook have been delighted to attend the event, moreover, the ceremony, a delicious 3-course meal interspersed with the presentation of the awards, was a fitting celebration of the dedication and hard work exhibited by credit teams.

In addition, Haroon Panezai took the stage to present the highly coveted FMCG Credit Team of the Year award subsequently the nominees were Primeline Group, WaterWipes, and Tayto. Ultimately, Tayto earned the honor—a fantastic achievement for the team.

Important Considerations

Our host, Declan Flood, received the final award of the night. This was a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to the Irish Credit industry. A lovely video montage played for the room, featuring clips of colleagues, peers, and family praising Declan’s accomplishments.

Similarly, magician, comedian, and ventriloquist Jack Wise compelled the audience. He left the room in stitches with a potent blend of comedy and sleight of hand.

Finally, congrats to Declan Flood, his team, and ICMT for the Sixth Annual Irish Credit Team Awards—a great event!

Haroon Panezai (centre), with the winning team from Tayto.
Haroon Panezai, Dave Ewing and Stephen Tlaker from Cashbook.
Haroon Panezai, Dave Ewing and Stephen Tlaker from Cashbook.
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