October 18th, 2023

September Adventures in the USA

In today’s fast-paced business world, it is crucial to stay ahead of the competition by actively networking and building relationships. Attending conferences and visiting customers are powerful ways to maintain strong relationships. Over the past six weeks, the Cashbook team has embarked on a transatlantic journey. This involved attending User Group conferences and visiting our valued customers.

At Cashbook, we have always recognized that our customers are the key to our success. They are not just clients, but valued partners on our journey. Recently, we had the privilege of being hosted by a couple of our loyal customers, who invited us to their headquarters for an unforgettable visit. This experience reaffirmed our commitment to delivering exceptional service and fostering long-lasting relationships.

Here’s a glimpse of our visits

Haroon Panezai, our Cashbook Partners Director, traveled all the way from Ireland to start his journey in Denver, Colorado, where he visited Epiroc USA. It was a pleasure to meet with the team that we regularly collaborate with on project calls, discussing ongoing projects and exploring their new office space.

Group Photo at Epiroc

From there, he headed to Dallas, Texas, for a visit to Matheson HQ. This meeting proved to be extremely productive, as we transitioned from online weekly meetings to face-to-face discussions, gaining valuable insights into any challenges they may have been facing.

Group Photo at Matheson

Memorable Experiences

While we were in the area, our CEO, Greg, and our Business Analyst, Tony, took the opportunity to say hello to the team at Arc3. The most rewarding aspect of these visits was the exchange of knowledge. We engaged in discussions about industry trends, shared best practices, and even explored new solutions.

The team at Cashbook is excited to create many more memorable experiences, building lasting relationships, and taking our journey to new heights together.

Meanwhile, as Haroon was visiting our valued customer, our Business Development Director, David Rushe, accompanied by Marketing Executive Jack Ahern, travelled to Pewaukee, Wisconsin, to exhibit and present at inPOWER 2023. This event provided a fantastic opportunity for our team to reconnect with both old and new Infor partners and customers. We shared new ideas, made new connections, and attended an incredibly informative session presented by David.

David and Jack at inPOWER

Interestingly, at the same time, our CEO, Greg, and Partners Director, Haroon, attended and exhibited at the CU TIMS Industrial User Group annual conference. This two-day event proved to be highly beneficial, as Greg and Haroon connected with existing clients, acquired new clients and prospects, and engaged in discussions with potential new partners.

While the educational aspect of these conferences was truly incredible, the networking opportunities were equally valuable. During coffee breaks and lunch sessions, we had the chance to meet fellow attendees, exchange ideas, and forge new connections. These conversations extended beyond business, as we shared stories, insights, and even shared a few laughs.

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