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News and Views from the Cashbook team

Poland introduces VAT split payments on 1st July 2018

In the European Union (EU) member countries lose billions of Euros worth of Value Added Tax (VAT) each year due to VAT fraud, VAT non-compliance and dated VAT collection processes. A solution for this issue has been sought for quite some time. Some EU countries have been introducing measures to reduce the VAT gap (expected VAT vs collected VAT) and make their systems more fraud-proof. Poland’s President has recently signed a bill into law, which will see a major change to their VAT payment structure from the 1st July 2018. […]
Cash Application Automation in Africa – Margreet’s Journey

Cashbook are a global company with customers in over 25 countries, and all major continents that use our Cash Application Automation products. Cashbook already have a presence in Africa with customers in both Egypt and South Africa. The latest country in Africa to be added to that growing list is Zambia. Margreet Peverelli, Cashbook Global Account Manager, recently embarked on an exciting week-long trip to Africa that saw her visit both new and existing customers of Cashbook in South Africa and Zambia. South Africa Margreet’s first stop in South Africa […]
Introducing Andrew Pearce in Business Development Role

Cashbook are pleased to introduce Andrew Pearce as a new member of our team. Andrew is joining Cashbook with immediate effect in a new Business Development role based in the United Kingdom. Andrew has been involved in IT throughout his diverse career with the development and implementation of IT systems and websites, both as a user and a developer. This has included systems for Accounting & Forecasting, Audit & Investigations, and promotional websites. In addition, Andrew is involved in several start-ups that are being nurtured at present. Andrew also has […]
Introducing Ron Smith in Business Development Role

Cashbook are pleased to introduce Ron Smith as a new member of our team. Ron is joining Cashbook with immediate effect in a new Business Development role based in the US. Ron Smith is a well-known IBMi ERP consultant, who resides in the Southeast of the United States. Living near Charlotte in North Carolina, Ron has over 40 years’ experience in the consulting industry. Ron has a vast experience behind him that started off with MAPICS/XA in 1979, then with BPCS/LX in 1989, and System 21 in 2010. Ron also […]
New Cashbook Partner Strategy

We have recently developed a new Cashbook Partner strategy that has been set in motion from 26th March 2018. This partner strategy has transformed how Cashbook team up with companies and individuals that are interested in re-selling our Cash Application automation products. Cashbook’s products include the three core functions of Cash Application, Accounts Payable, and Bank Reconciliation automation. Cashbook also sells other useful tools such as OCR Lockbox, Deductions, and Email Remittance automation. Cashbook have been an Infor partner since 2010. Cashbook has customers in over 25 countries across the […]
Cashbook are attending the Spring Lawson User Groups

Cashbook are excited to be attending the upcoming Spring Lawson User groups that are happening across the United States. These events are focused on the Lawson S3 space in the Healthcare industry. Lawson S3 is an ERP system that Cashbook have really focused on over this past year. Cashbook signed a hugely exciting deal with a large customer from the Healthcare industry that are based in Virginia, USA. There are seven different hospitals which make up the healthcare group. The healthcare software system that is used by this hospital is […]
Canada changing payments landscape with ISO 20022

What is the ISO 20022? ISO 20022 is an international payment messaging standard that supports electronic payments. The global payments eco-system is changing drastically. The ISO 20022 standard is widely considered an essential component to modernizing the global payments infrastructure. The financial world is moving towards a unified system that will make it easier to transfer payments around the world. The ISO 20022 also allows for significantly more information, such as invoices, to travel together with electronic payments. The ISO standard enables solutions and technologies for business automation, including straight-through-processing […]
Cashbook – Healthcare, Epic, and Lawson S3

Cashbook are excited to announce a new customer in the Healthcare industry based in Virginia, USA. There are seven different hospitals that make up this healthcare group. The healthcare software system that is used by this hospital is Epic, and their ERP system is Lawson S3. The healthcare industry is a rapidly changing environment and running a collective of Hospitals requires flexibility in terms of cash flow management and reconciliation. Healthcare companies can receive cash from many different areas, such as over the counter cash, checks and credit cards that […]
2018 Cashbook Rising

Cashbook will be holding the 2nd annual Cashbook Rising on the 27-28th September 2018. This exciting event will be held at the iconic Watergate Hotel in the historic city of Washington D.C. Cashbook Rising will start at 1pm for lunch on Thurs 27th immediately after Inforum 2018 concludes, and it will finish at 12pm on Friday 28th. Cashbook Rising 2018 will be a very informative event, one where our users and partners will learn a lot more about Cashbook, the products, and the staff. Talks at our event will include: […]
Cashbook Sponsors Soccer Stars in New Zealand

New Zealand may not be going to the World Cup in Russia next year, but that did not hinder these dedicated players from winning the regional Soccer Seven’s tournament. The Cashbook sponsored team were victorious in the regional Soccer Seven’s tournament in Auckland, New Zealand. The organization and skills shown throughout the tournament by the team were a sight to behold. Playing with a tough Italian style defence, combined with an attack that resembled the great Brazilian teams of old. The Cashbook sponsored team managed to reach the final, where […]
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