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Month: June 2016

Supporting Our Local Communities

Here at Cashbook we love our sports. It probably comes from a proud sporting tradition in the province of Munster, in general, and in Limerick in particular. In 2016, we’ve sponsored two teams to show we care.
Delivering more for BPCS/LX in Europe

For many years Cashbook has been the solution of choice for global organizations looking for a single solution for banking integration. However, there were always specific challenges in the Italian, Spanish and French markets that were filled with products such as Carteras (Italy, Spain) and FCF (France). In 2016, Cashbook have expanded their development team to cater for these specific local country requirements.
Cashbook Announce Release of Software v5.6

In July 2016 we can announce the release of Cashbook v5.6, a cumulative release on the v5 platform which includes a number of product enhancements. 
How Global Enterprises Can Choose the Right Cash Management System

Effective cash management is integral to the success of global companies. In fact, it is necessary to any company of any size. However as a company grows, the volume of payments and invoices tend to grow too. Therefore, efforts need to be strengthened to manage cash flow more efficiently and accurately.
Cashbook Customers meet Bacs deadline for 13 June, 2016

Automated payments are at the very centre of the UK’s financial system, providing an essential service for both consumers and organisations. Bacs is the company which runs Direct Credit Payments and also Direct Debits in the UK. Cashbook Software have been an approved supplier of Bacs software since the late 1990s. Cashbook provides Bacs users with the ability to pay by Direct Debit, pay by Bacs Direct Credit, collect payments by Direct Debit & receive payments by Bacs Direct Credit. A deadline for businesses to make sure they are compatible […]
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