February 16th, 2022

Cashbook celebrating recent customer go-lives

Cashbook has recently celebrated three customer go-lives with companies Hain Daniels Group, Motrex LLC, and Matheson Tri-Gas. The team here at Cashbook worked closely with each of these companies to deliver tailored automation solutions on our Cash Application Automation and Cash Allocation tools. Two of these projects also included successful upgrades to our latest software version by long-standing Cashbook customers, Matheson Tri-Gas and Motrex LLC.

Customer 1: Hain Daniels Group

Hain Daniels Group is a food & beverage organization based in Leeds, England. They own several supermarket brands including Hartley’s, Cully & Sully, Linda McCartney’s, Sun-Pat, and many more. The UK-based company was Cashbook’s first M3 integration. The project had a very successful go-live in October 2021 with our Cash Application automation module including reconciliations and customer remittances. Pictured below are some of the team at Hain Daniels enjoying a celebratory cake gifted by the Cashbook team.

customer go-lives
Hain Daniels Group celebrating their Cashbook go-live

Customer 2: Matheson Tri-Gas

Matheson Tri-Gas is a USA-based company that specializes in the production of industrial energy sources. They also provide support, engineering, and systems management services to analytical laboratories and semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. They are headquartered in Houston, Texas with multiple retail locations across the USA. Matheson celebrated a go-live in October 2021 as they upgraded to a more recent version of the Cashbook Cash Application Automation tool.

Customer 3: Motrex LLC

In December 2021, our team completed a third go-live as Motrex LLC upgraded their existing Cash Allocation module to our most recent Cashbook V5X.1 version. Motrex is an automotive company in Georgia, USA. They have been a long-term customer of Cashbook since 2008. The Motrex team will now be availing of a more sophisticated and user-friendly version of the Cashbook software.


Cashbook would like to congratulate our customers on the successful go-live projects during 2021 and we look forward to many years of collaboration together. We are excited to be returning to international travel very soon and visiting our customers, both old and new, across the world.

If you are currently using Cashbook software and would like to learn more about all five modules we offer, visit the Cashbook website today. You can view our five software solutions here and request a tailored demo to suit your department’s automation needs.

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