August 27th, 2020

Cashbook partner with Sidetrade for full Order-to-Cash automation

Cashbook and Sidetrade have partnered to combine their expertise in the Order-to-Cash area for the next generation of finance automation technology. This partnership merges Cashbook’s 20+ years of cash allocation automation experience with Sidetrade’s 20+ years in the credit and collections arena.

Sidetrade, a Euronext-listed company with €30m+ in annual revenues, has made the combined solution available on its AI-enhanced Augmented Cash platform. This will enable customers to rapidly meet their business needs and tackle the evolving financial challenges presented in the new working environment.

The Order-to-Cash automation efficiencies from Sidetrade and Cashbook will provide Finance departments the technology tools to support their targets. Which lead to shortening the receivables lifecycle and reducing their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) performance indicator.

Cashbook has been helping clients bring money into the business faster for 20 years. By combining platforms with Sidetrade, we have a great opportunity to meet common goals: accelerate cash flow for businesses, target lower DSO and improve returns from working capital. The current environment has created a strong impetus for companies to digitize business processes, boost productivity, increase flexibility and reduce risk through technology investments. We are excited to be a part of that customer journey with Sidetrade. – Greg Coulter, Cashbook CEO.

About Sidetrade

Sidetrade provides award-winning AI technologies to drive value from customer relationships, grow revenue and generate cash flow. The company offers an Artificial Intelligence platform whose objective is to enable companies to increase their revenues by intervening at each stage of the customer cycle: sales, loyalty, collection of invoices and anticipation of disputes. Sidetrade has more than 1,500 corporate clients from all sectors in over 80 countries.

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About Cashbook

Cashbook helps organizations achieve spectacular levels of automation in Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation. Cashbook’s cash automation software solutions massively reduce manual workload for its clients by streamlining their complex financial processes. They have integrated their financial software with over 16 different ERP systems, and their software is used in multiple industries and environments all over the world.

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