November 25th, 2021

Cashbook updates reports for IE sunsetting in June 2022


In 2020, Microsoft announced that they would be moving away from Internet Explorer (IE) support. They stated that the IE 11 desktop application would be retired on 15th June 2022 and all support for it would cease on Windows 10. Microsoft are moving customers towards their Microsoft Edge browser which they say, “brings you a faster, more secure, and more modern web experience than Internet Explorer”.

Microsoft Edge will have an “IE Mode” that has a built-in compatibility for legacy Internet Explorer sites and apps. Meaning, the same IE 11 apps and sites customers use will still open in Edge. After 15th June 2022, customers that click on the IE app will be automatically redirected to the Edge browser. However, there is some functionality for external applications such as Cashbook that will be affected by the IE retirement. One of those affected is a commonly used reporting feature of the Cashbook software.

Cashbook Reporting

In our cash automation software, the reporting feature allows users to export XML data reports for analysis as required. This is a highly useful feature that allows additional examination of financial data for customers. With the upcoming IE retirement by Microsoft in June 2022. Cashbook customers that run IE would no longer be able to use the XML reports that are exported from our software.

To counter this issue, Cashbook is updating and replacing all XML reports with new Excel XLS reports. No action will be required from Cashbook users to still avail of this reporting feature. Cashbook will be making the change to the reports via an update. There will be no set-up required, the feature will attach an Excel XLS report instead of the previous XML reports. This change will be made in advance of June 15th 2022, and all Cashbook users will be contacted directly to be informed about this.

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