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Month: July 2018

Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 18

In the latest episode, Greg’s next stop in Southeast Asia sees him visiting the beautiful Kuala Lumpur. After meeting a customer, Greg discusses the importance of having regular customer visits. These visits ensure that users are maximizing the increased functionality and automation levels of Cashbook. Subsequently, our users get to experience the full benefits that Cashbook offers. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 17

In the latest episode, Greg is on a business trip around Southeast Asia, and the first stop is Thailand. Greg discusses the worldwide issues that our customers face when automating Cash. The flexibility of the Cashbook product is key to addressing the issues around payment terms, payment types, multi-country and multi-currency customers. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 16

In the latest episode, Greg introduces Michael Twomey, Marketing Manager, and they talk about what users and partners can expect at Cashbook Rising 2018. Rising is Cashbooks user event in Washington D.C. on the 27/28th September. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 15

In this episode, Greg and David discuss their trip to the Chicago office to visit Mary O’Brien, Product Development Director. They also discuss what events Cashbook have in the pipeline. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 14

In this episode, Greg and Sharon discuss how a customer they visited will now benefit from increased levels of automation due to recent product enhancements at Cashbook. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 13

This episode sees Greg Coulter introduce David Rushe, who is the Global Accounts Manager at Cashbook. David discusses what events he has attended recently in the USA, what he is currently working on and the small matter of becoming the Fantasy Football manager of the year (only in the office!). 
Cashbook Vlog Series Episode 12

This episode sees Greg discussing the new Cashbook Portals product that has recently been developed at Cashbook by Martin and his development team. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 11

Episode 11 sees Greg Coulter chatting to Tony Cregg, EMEA Director, Global Software Inc. Greg met Tony at the Infor Offices in London for a meeting of the M3 Board and M3 Vendors. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 10

This episode sees Greg Coulter talking to Martin Hill, General Manager of the UK M3 User Association. Greg met Martin at a meeting of the M3 Board and M3 Vendors at the Infor Offices in London. 
Cashbook Vlog Series – Episode 9

The latest episode comes to you from Infor HQ in New York. Greg Coulter chats with Greg Gotlin from GForce, who discusses how he believes Cashbook are the missing piece for effective Cash Application automation in Lawson. 
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