Bacstel-IP Automation

Massively reduce manual work

BACS approved module for automating Bacstel-IP processing.

Reduce work load, speed up processing, reduce errors and remove the need for outsourced bureau services.

Features of Bacstel-IP Module


Bacstel-IP can import a file from any ERP system, application or data source.

Cashbook provide a BACS approved software solution for the automation of Bacstel-IP processing. It can be configured to take files from multiple sources across different applications, business units or environments.

Financial Control

Secure electronic payments platform reduces exposure to cheque-based fraud

Cashbook adheres to the strict security guidelines laid down by BACS, our software ensures users have the correct privileges for signing and transmitting files. The module exceeds all requirements for ease of use, security and efficiency of validation routines.


Intelligence to remove problems before submission to BACS

Cashbook’s Bacstel-IP module allows a user to import a credit or debit file from anywhere on your PC or network. Files can be vendor payment files, payroll files or customer direct debit files. The Bacstel-IP module can also be configured for automatic population by payment or debit files as soon as they are created by the originating application. Through the Cashbook Bacstel-IP module, the user’s identity is validated via individual Smart Cards and PIN numbers issued to individuals by their company’s sponsoring bank. Our software can validate all payment data against the Industry Sort Code Directory (ISCD), which is updated regularly by BACS. It identifies any errors or data inconsistencies within the credit or debit file. Using auto-cleaning functionality our software removes problems from files before transmission to BACS.

Features of Bacstel-IP Module
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